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Corporate Culture
In Simcere company culture, we pay more attention to "Innovation" and "Excellent case" according with Xiansheng Value. At the end of 2007, the first "Innovation award" competition attracted all Simcere staff's attention. Any innovation plan, innovative idea and innovative practice believed to be valuable to company development could compete for innovation award. The company spends 1 million yuan every year as rewards for this activity, for grand prize winner, the company will give an award of 200,000 yuan. In the year of 2014, as the continuation and extension of "innovation award", a new activity "Looking for the best Simcere of you — Appraisal of core value cases of Simcere " carried out successfully. Company took out one million yuan, to search, find and reward core value behavior within the company, which has been continuously held so far.

Our mission:Through our commitment to continuous innovation and research, we will provide patients with the very best medicines.

Our core values:Integrity,Outstanding,Working-hard,Initiative,Customer-first

Our Self motivation:

Our logo:


Our flag was transformed from the Chinese character (pronounced as “xian” and meaning “leading”) into a runner to represent the first half of our credo—Respect People—and to demonstrate our continuous pursuit of excellence, leadership and innovation. The green color represents the second half of our credo – Respect Life – and reflects our deep respect for nature and life, and our pursuitof a safe and healthy world. The English name of our company was derived from the word “sincere.” It was created to showcase the emphasis our code of conduct places on honesty and sincerity.

Our Principle
  • We believe in our principles and we will always work together to ensure our business succeeds.
  • We believe success comes from constant improvement. And we are eager for success.
  • We believe each of us has the ability to reach our full potential.
  • We believe compensation should reflect one’s contribution to the business.
  • We believe in integrity and repudiate dishonesty.
  • We believe in truthful and open-minded performance evaluation discussions.
  • We believe in constant improvement in ourselves and will assist others to improve themselves.
  • We believe in excellence when delivering our work and products and we will never be satisfied with mediocrity.
  • We believe in establishing the highest standards for the work of individuals and teams.
  • We believe our past successes and failures provide great lessons for conducting our business.
  • We believe in justice and equality for all employees. Special treatment and privileges will not be allowed for select individuals and nepotism will not be tolerated.
  • We believe people have differing skills and strengths. Management should listen and encourage ideas and opinions from customers, staff and independent directors to fully utilize everyone’s abilities.
  • We believe in autonomy at each level of hierarchy and we demand transparency, discipline and abidance with the rules.
  • We believe teamwork can maximize the value of our output.
  • We believe our business should have clearly defined objectives and strategies.
  • We believe execution and feedback is equal in importance with strategic planning.
  • We believe our objectives and strategies should be revised when they no longer offer us proper guidance.
  • We believe everyone surrounding us, including our colleagues, is our customer. And we should serve to exceed every customer’s expectation.
  • We believe we should listen with our hearts, be fully committed and act with efficiency in our daily business.
  • We believe knowledge, energy and resources are limited and we must remain focused to maximize them.
  • We believe the world is constantly changing. We should closely watch and adapt to changes with an open mind to properly evolve our business.
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