Scientific adviser
www.4546.comEmbracing the idea that Chinese pharmaceutical industry is evolving from low end generics and APIs to innovative medicines, Simcere Pharmaceutical R&D Institute was established in 2004, focusing on the areas of oncology, neurology, anti-inflammatory, infectious diseases, and cardiovascular diseases, including both innovative drugs and generics, in order to aid patients against such diseases with better medicines and treatments.

Being a leading pharmaceutical R&D institute in China, Simcere R&D Institute in Nanjing occupies 20,000 square meters of floor space and over 100 million CNY worth of instruments, as well as staff members composed of over 200 research scientists, including 14 oversea experts, 30 PhDs and over 100 master's degree holders.

Simcere has consecutively invested 8-10% of annual revenue in R&D, an accumulation of 1.6 billion CNY over the past decade and is awarded Chinese Best Industry Company of Pharmaceutical Research 2016.

· Honors and Government Certified R&D Platforms:
· "State Technological Invention Award" for the development of Endu®(2008)
· Top 3 most innovative pharma among Top 100 Chinese pharmaceutical companies by South Medicine Economic Institute affiliated to CFDA (2010, 2011, 2013)
· Ranked No.2 in "China's Most Innovative Pharmaceutical Company" by Medicine Economic Reporter (2012)
· Listed in "China's Top 20 Innovative Pharmaceutical Company" by China Pharmaceutical News (2013, 2014)
· National Enterprise Postdoctoral Research Center
· National Certified Enterprise Technology Center
· Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Molecular Targeted Antitumor Drug Research
· National High-Tech Enterprise
· Jiangsu Enterprise-Academician Research Center
· National Major Sci-Tech Project: Innovative Technology Platform for Molecular Targeted Antitumor and Cerebrovascular Drugs
· National Major Sci-Tech Project : Industrial-Educational-Scientific Cooperation of Antitumor Drug R&D Innovation
· Major Sci-Tech Project : Simcere Incubation Center for Innovative Drug R&D
· National Key Laboratory: Translational Medicine and Innovative Drugs R&D

Simcere has accumulatively filed 49 oversea and PCT applications, among a total of 317 patent applications. 123 of them have been approved including 17 approvals oversea. We has successfully developed more than 50 new drugs, and there are 20 innovative drugs and dozens of generic drugs under development.

Simcere has strong track record in both in-house development and R&D collaboration with established partnerships such as BMS, Appexigen, GSK, Merck, and other domestic and global partners. In January 2011, Simcere founded a subsidiary in the US, Simcere of America, setting up offices in New Jersey, Boston and San Francisco to further intensify our international collaborations with both academics and businesses, promoting our global business development and products commercialization.

With the growing resource and ability of our research and development, we will keep pursuing our ultimate goal: to make a difference to the lives