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SIM 930 – An Innovative Medicine by International Cooperationwww.99345.com

SIM 930 is a multi-targeting (including c-Kit, KDR) small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitor developed by OSI. It has a synergistic anti-tumor effect with other chemotherapy drugs such as Tarceva which is also developed by OSI. The phase I clinical trail has finished in the US and complies with FDA preclinical specifications. In Oct. 2009, Simcere obtained the medicine and its related patents from OSI and take full authority of the research, production and sales of SIM 930 in China. Up to now, the clinical approval has been granted by CFDA.

SIM 6802 – An Anti-Tumor Medicine with International Development
SIM 6802 is an anti-tumor medicine developed by Simcere and Advenchen Laboratory with innovative structure and independent intellectual property. This promising medicine is an EGFR targeting molecule with clear mechanism, superior efficacy and relatively high safety. Its clinical trials have been approved by CFDA and is ongoing.
Edaravone Combination Injection – Innovative Edaravone Combination with Global Intellectual Property
Edaravone Combination injection is developed by Simcere R&D Institute alone and is with global intellectual property. It is the second generation of edaravone medicine for cerebrovascular disease treatment with significantly better efficacy and longer therapeutic time window. Its clinical trials have been approved by CFDA and is ongoing. It is also the first Simcere project which performs clinical trials oversea.
SIM-BD0801 Innovative Anti-Tumor Biomedicine –A Recombinant Humanized Anti-VEGF Monoclonal Antibody Injection
SIM-BD0801 is an innovative anti-tumor biomedicine developed by international cooperation of Simcere and Epitomics since 2008. Its clinical trials have been approved by CFDA and is ongoing.
Iremod (Iguratimod Tablets) - World First Medicine for Active Rheumatoid Arthritis新蒲京娱乐场
Iremod is a category 1.1 new drug developed by Simcere and Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research with patents of crystalline, analogs and formulation. It is a new type of drug for treatment of active rheumatoid arthritis and is proved by CFDA on Aug. 15th, 2011.
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